this week in workouts

this was my first official week back in working out. i managed to get 4 workouts in and for that i’m mighty proud of myself.


monday i did an awesome HiiT workout that i found via youtube. it was a low impact HiiT cardio workout that can be found here.


tuesday was another interval workout. i started doing this workout but my internet was acting funky so i just finished up with some jumping rope, jump squats and jumping jacks.


i finally went for a jog! it started out as a jog and ended with more of a walk. but i went out there and that’s what matters.

thursday i rested. my legs were on fire!!!


i created my own workout using my seconds pro timer which is here. it seems like after having abc i can’t do ab workout on my back or i have to be pretty careful with it. i’m going to have to replace the bicycle abs with hip taps and that will work.

i hit my goal of 4 workouts this week and i’m pretty proud of myself. next week i’ll probably be incorporating some more dancing in my workouts since i really love to dance.

how’d you guys do with workouts?


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