The stripper debate

How fitting is it that as I sit down to write this blog Beyoncé’s “dance for you” just came on… I see you universe!!!!

I typically don’t speak out about issues involving feminist thought or the likes. Why? I’m not exactly sure why but I saw something today that makes me want to say something. This coupled with watching Oprah’s lifeclass about parenting and being a mom of two girls makes me feel the need to say something.

Being a stripper is not the worst that a woman can be. When I’ve said this, people have countered with “would you want your daughter to be a stripper?” This is not a yes or no question. I want my daughters to be happy. Cliche answer, maybe, but true nonetheless. There are two things I want to speak on in this blog: 1. The hardest lesson in parenthood; and, 2. The choices that women have.

The hardest part of parenting is learning that you have no control over the destinies of your children. The sooner we learn that our role as a parent is to support and protect, not control and shelter, the “easier” our lives as parents become. Yes, this is hard. We see our children as these wonderful beings that should be some kind of profession that WE have deemed as prestigious. And WE is actually what society has brainwashed us to thing is prestigious.

Here’s the thing, their life paths are just that–theirs. There is nothing that we can do to change their walk in life. They have lessons and challenges and victories all their own to get to. And as a woman, if stripping is what they choose, who are WE to look down upon it? As a mom of two girls I want them to realize their power. I want them to grow into it. I want them to be the best at whatever it is they do. But most of all, I want them to be happy all the days they walk this earth.

For so long, women haven’t had the choices that have been presented to men. We make less, we have to smile under double standards, and all the while society is undressing us with their eyes. Why is choosing to be a stripper such a terrible thing?! I think it’s empowering.

A stripper has basically given society a big EFF YOU with a smile on their face donning a g-string and push-up bra while doing what makes them happy. Do you know how many days I’ve gone to work, come home, and wished I was happy with what I did? People seem to think that it’s the worst thing in the world to take your clothes off for a stranger while dancing your heart out. Why? This woman has CHOSEN this. She made a choice that will hopefully bring her happiness.

You know what I think is worse than being a stripper? Being an unhappy, overworked employee somewhere that you’re merely mediocre at best. Be happy and who cares what society thinks.


One response to “The stripper debate

  1. I think that is a very interesting way to look at it. I think some of us (definitely me) never think of a strippers “choosing” to that profession. We think it’s about not having any other choice…. we think of a seedy underworld that is dangerous and drug filled… we think of a girl needing money so desperately that she is willing to take it to an extra level after hours to get it.

    But you gave me another outlook. Thanks doll!


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