This Weeks Struggle

I’ve been doing pretty well with my consistency in meal planning for 2 weeks at a time and sticking to my grocery lists. This week was a struggle though. On Thursday I tried. Friday I tried. Saturday I tried. Sunday I was just like forget it lol.

Today I finally did it. Here are our next two weeks worth of meals that have been prepped and frozen:
• Shrimp Scampi w/ angel hair pasta & spinach
• tacos
• chicken fajitas
• Korean BBQ ribs
• pizza
• turkey sausage, basil and tomato w/ pasta
• turkey cacciatore
• cheesy chicken and potato casserole
• turkey and stuffing w/green beans
• honey soy sesame chicken
• jerk turkey soup
• chili

This week I was struggling with creativity and really didn’t feel like only slow cooker meals. Before thinking it through, I was like if I don’t do slow cooker, than how will I freeze it?! Buuuut regular meals pretty much work out the same too. The meals have been prepped in under an hour–including the cooking of tonight’s meal.

I’m rather proud of myself!!!


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