A More Organized Mom

Is a less overwhelmed mom.

The way I feel between last week and this week… Man… What a difference. After the hubs and I had our discussion, I knew that something had to change. Last year I was surviving. I felt like I was holding on by a hair and by the end of the year, I was over it. But this year, I’m THRIVING–and I’m starting this right away.

I needed to be better organized so that I could begin to delegate some of these tasks that I was holding on to for dear life. Why? I don’t know. As I listen to my almost 5 year old rummaging in the kitchen, I’m certain it has to do with the control freak in me. But I’m learning that I can still feed my inner control freak while not doing everything myself.

Insert the Mom Planner

I finally had to admit that although I can probably design and build something to help me, it was easier to just find something that was already out there. No need to remake the wheel right? So I found this awesome mom planner that is all printables. It’s not customizable but it’s pretty much inclusive of just about everything that you need. Everything from money management to blog planning to cleaning schedules and more is included.

I’ve started using it today and I feel so much better. Here are some of the pages that I’ve completed so far to help plan my life lol:










At first I thought it would be overwhelming because there are so.many.pages. But this morning I got up and wrote out my to-do list. Then I scheduled my day based upon the things I needed to get done as well as my goals for the day. And then I did them. I just went over the schedule with mini and set up her expectations for the day. I love it. Right now I’m feeling super calm and collected and like I have it together.

My goal is to plan my day the night before. I want to more prepared so my mornings run smoother and I’m not scattering everywhere during the morning. I’ll save my crafting for the weekends since getting on a workout regimen during the week is super important to me.

30 Day Challenge Update
This first 30 days is about me and doing the things that I enjoy. So yesterday I cooked a meal for my loved ones. I know, was that really for me? It was. I tried out some new recipes and the glorious feeling that I had when everyone loved their food was unmatched. Today I’m going to my nails!


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