the mom

hi there!

i’m the “mom” with the blog. this isn’t my first blog but i am hoping that it will be one of the last ones i start. i started out blogging back when myspace was big. that was a pretty looooooong time ago. after myspace, i started a blog titled “rants of a wild child”. this was pretty popular and i pretty much blogged  about any and everything. from there, i started a blog entitled “aaronica unlocked” where i reviewed events and music in the underground music scene. this was pretty popular as well. during this time i became unexpectedly pregnant with my first daughter, affectionately known as mini. i started a blog on tumblr called “the mommy memoirs”. after she was about 1 and a half i stopped blogging there do to some personal reasons. last year i started a fitness blog which i also shut down due to the same personal reasons.

but now i’m ready to no longer allow those “personal reasons” to stop my voice.

i’m 31 and recently married. i just had my second daughter 2 weeks ago. she’s known as ABC. i’ve been divorced, a single mom, unhealthy, and depressed but now i’m in a different space. so what’s this blog right? well, i’m passionate about a lot of things–namely my family. but i love cooking, eating clean BUT delicious, sewing, crafting, fashion, fitness, and fun. so, this blog will be a collaboration of all these things in addition to some real and honest moments of motherhood.

i’m excited to share!


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